Betting the NFL preseason

Contrary to some betting NFL preseason is not for degenerate gamblers only. The preseason like the regular season produces statistical trends which can be used to make sound intelligent predictions. Sure I’ll be the first to admit I am always hungry for football season the first week of August but that’s not why I bet the preseason. I bet the preseason because it’s s great opportunity to begin building your bankroll for the regular season.
Secondly as I mentioned earlier you can find all sorts of statistical trends and analysis from coaching strategies to player production based on how teams treat the preseason. Example a team with veterans coming off a successful prior year campaign tend to not expose their players to injury during the preseason. This means more playing time for rookies, second and third year players trying to make the team. Coaches from this type of veteran team also need more time to evaluate non starters.
Assuming a match up v a team coming off a poor season in need of wins to boost player and fan base morale they could be a good bet
against team in this scenario. The key with preseason games and matchups, not unlike the regular season is motivation or situational matchups. Finding value in these situational matchups could be the key to successful preseason NFL betting.