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The first general baseball betting rule is the fact that you can bet on a series or just a single game. For beginners starting on a singular game may be the best bet. Even for a singular MLB picks, there are a few different ways to bet.

MLB Picks Betting Strategy – First you can either bet on the total runs scored or you may decide to choose a winner. For instance, let’s take a past game between the Pirates and the Phillies as an example. The run line was the Pirates -1.5. This means the Pirates are favored by 1.5 runs in the Major League Baseball Standings. Therefore you could chose to bet under if you think they will only win by one run or lose. You could also bet over if you believe they will win by two runs or more. The other Major League Standings betting strategy you could use, would to be betting over or under on the total runs line set at 7.5. Then you would just consider if you believe both teams will combine for 8 or more runs or 7 or less runs. You can also bet an over or under on one of the particular teams total runs odds.

MLB Picks and Betting Tips – When deciding how to bet on baseball and how to analyze these odds there are a few factors you should take into consideration. If you are betting on who will win the game, you should look at factors such as the win and loss record of each team and if they have played earlier in the season prior to this matchup. You could also look at numbers such as average runs scored per game for the year if you are betting on the runs for a singular team.

Pitcher and hitter matchups – Some hitters do not have success against left handed pitchers and some pitchers cannot seem to get out certain batters, etc. Looking at the past history for a particular hitter/pitcher matchup is key when betting on baseball.

Recent Success/Failure – Another good MLB betting tip is to look at the recent success of a team or its players. For instance, a team may have a poor record, but maybe they have won five games in a row and are on a hot streak.

Getting Started – For beginners, when deciding how to bet on baseball, the first step would to be to focus on just one betting strategy. Work with one at a time until you find what works for you.

Our best advice for baseball betting novice is to find a reputable sports advisory service with the contacts, knowledge, experience and proven track record and hire them.

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