Odds to Win the 2016 World Series

Only three teams have won more games than the Royals 184 the last two seasons (Cardinals – 190, Pirates – 186, Dodgers – 186) and only one team has appeared in the last two World Series. That matters not to the odds makers, though. In fact, it may even be working against Kansas City, which finds itself tied for seventh in Bovada’s latest Odds to Win the 2016 World Series.

The last franchise to make three consecutive appearances in the Fall Classic was the Oakland Athletics between 1988 and 1990. So history is not in the Royals favor. Conversely, this year’s World Series favorite, the Cubs, could play the ‘we’re due’ card.

Chicago is drawing a +400 line to win the 2016 Fall Classic, clearly indicating its manager, young talent at multiple positions and offseason acquisitions of the likes of Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist and John Lackey has bookmakers anticipating an end to the franchise’s long championship drought (1908).

Next in line are the Giants and Mets at +800 odds apiece. New York, which brings back a most formidable starting rotation, is seeking to defend its National League Pennant while San Francisco looks to keep its every other year title run, which dates back to 2010, in tact.

Rounding out Bovada’s top five 2016 World Series favorites are American League East rivals Boston and Toronto. The Red Sox, in spite of finishing in the division cellar last year with a 78-84 record, are getting the same +1200 listing as the defending division champion Blue Jays.

As for the remainder of the top 10, the Dodgers, Nationals, Royals, Astros and Cardinals complete it at +1400, +1600, +1600, +1800 and +2000 World Series odds, respectively.

The two clubs least likely to win this year’s Fall Classic according to Bovada? That would be the Braves and Rockies at +15000 odds apiece.

Odds to Win the 2016 World Series: MLB Odds Provided by Bovada.lv

Chicago Cubs +400
San Francisco Giants +800
New York Mets +800
Boston Red Sox +1200
Toronto Blue Jays +1200
Los Angeles Dodgers +1400
Washington Nationals +1600
Kansas City Royals +1600
Houston Astros +1800
St. Louis Cardinals +2000
Arizona Diamondbacks +2000
Detroit Tigers +2000
Pittsburgh Pirates +2200
Texas Rangers +2200
New York Yankees +2200
Cleveland Indians +3300
Los Angeles Angels +3300
Chicago White Sox +3300
Seattle Mariners +4000
Baltimore Orioles +5000
Minnesota Twins +5000
Miami Marlins +7500
Tampa Bay Rays +7500
Oakland Athletics +7500
Milwaukee Brewers +10000
Cincinnati Reds +10000
San Diego Padres +10000
Philadelphia Phillies +10000
Atlanta Braves +15000
Colorado Rockies +15000