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Welcome to the Syndicate. As an exclusive member you have access to the best of everything. Our highest rated All Access sports investment information, Including the Inner Circle play of the day and The Syndicate exclusive late breaking information. 

The Syndicate is the exclusive choice for High Limit, premium players from around the globe, fueled by a unique network of international connections. From Monte Carlo in the Riviera to the biggest books in the U.K. and from the most influential sources Back East to the sharpest steam players in Las Vegas. Only the most select situations measure up for the Syndicate clients, generally moving on just One Major Play per day. Discriminating, Disciplined, and Dominating the High Stakes Syndicate is the only choice for High Stakes Players.

As a Syndicate board member you will have access to our global syndicate sports  Information including Hong Kong, New York, West Coast and Chicago. Unlike the Inner Circle which provides 1-3 games per day, The Syndicate typically provides only one high level syndicate move per day that you can bet with the utmost confidence.The Syndicate is for experienced players who have the means to wager a minimum of $500 per game and who are looking to generate a full time revenue stream from sports investing.

These big betting syndicates move sportsbook point spreads around the world when they make a major move on a game. As a Syndicate board member you will have access to the same information before our syndicates move the line or point spread by placing multi million dollar wagers with all the major Vegas and Offshore sportsbooks.

Other Exclusive Perks…

In addition to full access to all of our highly profitable sports investment advice, we have partnered with the World’s premier Global concierge service, Quentessentially. In London, need tickets to Manchester United vs Liverpool match, no problem. In Los Angeles this weekend and need tix to The Oscars’, no problem. Access to front row Hamilton tickets, No Problem.Sold Out concert, no problem…

Syndicate board members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Waived Quintesentially Joining Fees ($500 Value)
  • Sports Ticketing Credit of $500
  • Invitation to Quintessentially’s Annual Super Bowl Viewing Party in NYC with a guest
  • Invitation to Quintessenially’s Private Suite one time per year at Prudential Center for NJ Devils Game with a guest
  • Preferred Packages for annual big ticket events: Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, The Masters, US Open, Final Four, etc.
  • Invitation to a Hennessey Paradis Imperial private tasting + 4 Friends or Clients
  • Complimentary Nigel Curtiss Custom Dress Shirt ($595 Value)
  • Complimentary Knot Standard Custom Dress Shirt ($150 Value)
  • Access to a BMW VIP Track day

Exclusive travel weekends. Christmas in the Alps. An unforgettable walk through the Himalayas. All you have to do is ask. From the extravagant to the downright crazy, our Luxury Concierge and Lifestyle Management Services have assisted with over 2 million requests to date. Our unparalleled network of contacts ensures that our Members get the very best life has to offer – no matter where they are in the world. Once you become a Member, your carefully chosen Lifestyle Manager will set out to understand your unique motivations, and to use this knowledge to showcase services that you may value most. The Circled Game, like no other sports information service in the world…

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